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'80s HADES

Nov. 29th, 2015

10:05 am - Playlist for December 1, 2015

Welcome to Part II of the albums of November 1980 and 1985!

From November 1980…

Yello - Bimbo (from Solid Pleasure)
ABBA - Super Trouper (from Super Trouper)
Steely Dan - Time Out Of Mind (from Gaucho)
John Lennon - Watching The Wheels (from Double Fantasy)
The Fall - C 'N' C-S Mithering (from Grotesque (After The Gramme))
The Jam - Man in the Corner Shop (from Sound Affects)

Rod Stewart - Passion (from Foolish Behaviour)
The Sound - Heyday (from Jeopardy)
Motörhead - (We Are) The Road Crew (from Ace Of Spades)

And from November 1985…

Asia - Too Late (from Astra)
Robert Palmer - Hyperactive (from Riptide)
The Jesus & Mary Chain - The Hardest Walk (from Psychocandy)
Echo & The Bunnymen - Never Stop (from Songs To Learn & Sing)

Arcadia - The Flame (from So Red The Rose)
LL Cool J - Rock The Bells (from Radio)
Sade - The Sweetest Taboo (from Promise)
Mr. Mister - Kyrie (from Welcome To The Real World)
Payola$ - Christmas Is Coming

Nov. 23rd, 2015

08:40 pm - Playlist for November 24, 2015

The celebration of the albums of November 1980 and 1985 begins! Yes, it is SO EPIC that it will take over next week's show as well.

Drum roll, please, for some of the albums of November 1980...!

Blondie - Rapture (from the album Autoamerican)
Ian Dury & The Blockheads - Sueperman's Big Sister (from Laughter)
Adam & The Ants - Dog Eat Dog (from Kings Of The Wild Frontier)
The Birthday Party - Happy Birthday (as The Boys Next Door; from The Birthday Party)
REO Speedwagon - Don't Let Him Go (from Hi Infidelity)
Laurie Anderson - Example #22*
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Girls Talk (from the compilation Taking Liberties)

The Alan Parsons Project - Time (from The Turn Of A Friendly Card)

And from November 1985, we have...

The Dream Academy - The Edge Of Forever (from The Dream Academy)
Stevie Nicks - Talk to Me (from Rock A Little)**
Depeche Mode - Flexible (from the compilation Catching Up With Depeche Mode)
Elton John - Wrap Her Up (from Ice on Fire) (featuring none other than George Michael)
Lloyd Cole & The Commotions - Lost Weekend (from Easy Pieces)

The Clash - This Is England (from Cut The Crap)
Phranc - Everywhere I Go (I Hear The Go Go's) (from Folksinger)
Pete Townshend - Face The Face (from White City: A Novel)
Robert Palmer - Discipline Of Love (Album Version) (from Riptide)
LL Cool J - Rock The Bells (from Radio)

* - by request from someone who didn't seem to think I know who Laurie Anderson is. Oh, I do.
** - Nancy wanted to hear this one...fortunately, this album came out in November of 1985!

'80s HADES Word of the Day

penetralia (pen-i-TREY-lee-uh) n.

1. The innermost parts or recesses of a place or thing.
2. The most private or secret things.

Nov. 16th, 2015

07:31 pm - Playlist for November 17, 2015

Jefferson Starship - Find Your Way Back
Desireless - Voyage, Voyage
Zaine Griff - Ashes and Diamonds
A Flock Of Seagulls - Nightmares
Bronski Beat - I Feel Love (Medley With Marc Almond)

Bryan Adams - Hidin' From Love
Ray Parker Jr. - The Other Woman
The Comix - Touche Pas Mon Sexe
Shonen Knife - Bear Up Bison
Plasticland - Flower Scene
Gene Loves Jezebel - Bruises
Ministry - I'm Falling
The Dickies - Banana Splits

J. Geils Band - Centerfold
Lou Reed - Dirty Blvd.
Kim Wilde - You Came
The Outfield - Reach Out
54-40 - One Day In Your Life
The Colour Field - The Colourfield
Tina Turner - We Don't Need Another Hero

'80s HADES Word of the Day

hortatory (HAWR-tuh-tawr-ee, -tohr-ee) adj.

Urging to some course of conduct or action; exhorting; encouraging.

Nov. 9th, 2015

08:19 pm - Playlist for November 10, 2015

Def Leppard - Animal
The Connells - Scotty's Lament
The B-52's - Loveland
The Method Actors - Commotion
A Certain Ratio - Waterline
The Fixx - Are We Ourselves


Gregg Diamond - Danger
The Flirts - Danger
Pylon - Danger
The Psychedelic Furs - Danger
The Selecter - Danger
The Motels - Danger
Mötley Crüe - Danger

Why? Because I could.

Tom Tom Club - The Man With The 4-Way Hips
The Box - Closer Together
Cheap Trick - Come On, Come On
Twisted Sister - I Wanna Rock*
Deaf School - Thunder & Lighting
Dream Syndicate - The Days Of Wine And Roses

* - by request from THE EEL!

’80s HADES Word of the Day

barghest (BAHR-gest) n.

A legendary doglike goblin believed to portend death or misfortune.

Nov. 2nd, 2015

08:17 pm - Playlist for November 3, 2015

Happy November, my friends! Some hipsters disrespected neo-prog on a website last week, so I'm playing Marillion and they can suck on it.

Hey...don't forget we're streaming again over at the WDBX website, so you should check that out and stuff. I mean, right?

Josie Cotton - Jimmy Loves Maryann
The Psychedelic Furs - Here Come Cowboys
Foreigner - Urgent
A.R. Kane - Snow Joke
Go To - Girl Of The 80s
Lipps Inc. - Funkytown
Adam & The Ants - Scorpios

Marillion - Warm Wet Circles
The Honeydrippers - Sea Of Love
Cutting Crew - Everything But My Pride
Kirsty MacColl feat. Lemmy - Terry
Radiance - You're My Number One [John Marales & Sergio Munzibai Dub]

fIREHOSE - For The Singer Of R.E.M.
Let's Active - Room With a View
Tronics - My Baby's In A Coma
The Pop Group - Where There's a Will
Freestyle - The Party Has Begun
Dan Hartman - I Can Dream About You

'80s HADES Word of the Day

convive (KON-vahyv; French kawn-VEEV) n.

An eating or drinking companion; a fellow diner or drinker.

Oct. 25th, 2015

06:14 pm - Playlist for October 27, 2015

WDBX is broadcasting live once again online! Head on over to our website to fire up the stream!

In other news, it's time for more album birthdays. This week, we celebrate the albums of October 1985. Happy birthday!

Simple Minds - Sanctify Yourself (from the album Once Upon A Time)
Pat Benatar - Le Bel Age (from the album Seven the Hard Way)
The Chameleons - Return Of The Roughnecks (from the album What Does Anything Mean? Basically)
Black Flag - Out Of This World (from the album In My Head)
Dead Kennedys - MTV - Get Off The Air (from the album Frankenchrist)
The Replacements - Kiss Me On The Bus (from the album Tim)
The Cult - Revolution (from the album Love)

INXS - What You Need (from the album Listen Like Thieves)
Simply Red - Come To My Aid (from the album Picture Book)
ABC - Vanity Kills (from the album How To Be A... Zillionaire!)
Oingo Boingo - Stay (from the album Dead Man's Party)
Level 42 - Something About You (from the album World Machine)
The Jets - Crush On You (from the album The Jets)
Mike + The Mechanics - All I Need Is A Miracle (from the album Mike + The Mechanics)

Big Audio Dynamite - The Bottom Line (from the album This is Big Audio Dynamite)
ZZ Top - Velcro Fly (from the album Afterburner)
Love And Rockets - The Dog-End Of A Day Gone By (from the album Seventh Dream Of Teenage Heaven)
Grace Jones - Slave To The Rhythm (from the album Slave to the Rhythm)
Rush - Manhattan Project (from the album Power Windows)

'80s HADES Word of the Day

thanatopsis (than-uh-TOP-sis) n.

1. A view or contemplation of death.
2. A poem (1817) by William Cullen Bryant.

Oct. 20th, 2015

07:57 am - Playlist for October 20, 2015

Boy, lots of albums came out in October 1980 and October 1985. There are so many that this week, we will celebrate the albums of October 1980, and next week we'll cover the albums of October 1985!

Talking Heads - Crosseyed And Painless (from the album Remain In Light)
INXS - Just Keep Walking (from the album INXS)
The Clash - The City Of The Dead (from the compilation Black Market Clash)
Prince - Do It All Night (from the album Dirty Mind)
The Residents - Picnic Boy (from the Commercial Album)
Gang Of Four - It's Her Factory (from the Yellow EP)
Japan - Ain't That Peculiar (from the album Gentlemen Take Polaroids)
The Residents - Fingertips (from the Commercial Album)
The Specials - Do Nothing (from the album More Specials)

Icehouse - Icehouse (from the album Icehouse a.k.a Flowers)
Bauhaus - Double Dare (from the album In the Flat Field)
The Residents - Ups And Downs (from the Commercial Album)
The Police - Driven To Tears (from the album Zenyatta Mondatta)
The Teardrop Explodes - Books (from the album Kilimanjaro)
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Enola Gay (from the album Organisation)
The Residents - Troubled Man (from the Commercial Album)
Dire Straits - Expresso Love (from the album Making Movies)

Bruce Springsteen - Cadillac Ranch (from the album The River)
Rockpile - Play That Fast Thing (One More Time) (from the album Seconds Of Pleasure)
The Residents - Moisture (from the Commercial Album)
Donna Summer - The Wanderer (from the album The Wanderer)
U2 - Out of Control (from the album Boy)
Monochrome Set - The Man With The Black Moustache (from the album Love Zombies)

'80s HADES Word of the Day

dithyramb (DITH-uh-ram, -ramb) n.

1. Any wildly enthusiastic speech or writing.
2. A Greek choral song or chant of vehement or wild character and of usually irregular form, originally in honor of Dionysus or Bacchus.

Oct. 12th, 2015

08:08 pm - Playlist for October 13, 2015

Men Without Hats - Living In China
Tones On Tail - Go! (Club Mix)
Aretha Franklin - Freeway Of Love
The Human League - You Remind Me Of Gold
Steel Mind - Bad Passion
Japan - The Art Of Parties

Concrete Blonde - Dance Along The Edge
Wang Chung - Dance Hall Days
Depeche Mode - Everything Counts
SM Corporation - Fire from Above
The Bats - North By North
Oxo - Whirly Girl

APB - Shoot You Down
The Real Kids - Better Be Good
Suicidal Tendencies - I Shot The Devil
Lucrate Milk - Lustiges Tierquartett
Dolce Vita - Beginning All Over
Bruce Springsteen - Tunnel Of Love
Patti Smith - People Have The Power
Elvis Costello & the Attractions - Beyond Belief

'80s HADES Word of the Day

expiate (EK-spee-eyt) v.

To atone for; to make amends or reparation for.

Oct. 6th, 2015

06:25 pm - Playlist for October 6, 2015

Sigue Sigue Sputnik - 21st Century Boy
Ollie & Jerry - Breakin'...There's No Stopping Us
Major Thinkers - Avenue B
The Mission - Blood Brother
Berlin - Masquerade
The Chills - Pink Frost

The Undertones - Girls Don't Like It
Rites Of Spring - All Through A Life
Golden Earring - Twilight Zone
The Alarm - Strength
The Pale Fountains - Shelter
Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam - Head To Toe

Red Box - Chenko (Tenka-Io) (Cherry Red)
The Tear Garden - Déjà Vu
The Raincoats - Lola
Vixen - Cryin'
Wah! - Other Boys
Yellow Magic Orchestra - Absolute Ego Dance

'80s HADES Word of the Day

scupper (SKUHP-er) n./v.

1. (noun) A drain at the edge of a deck exposed to the weather, for allowing accumulated water to drain away into the sea or into the bilges; any opening in the side of a building, as in a parapet, for draining off rain water.

2. (verb) To defeat or put an end to; to do in.

Sep. 28th, 2015

09:11 pm - Playlist for September 29, 2015

It's the last Tuesday of the month, which means...album birthdays! A plethora of albums turned thirty or thirty-five this month. It's time to celebrate!

From September of 1980:

Dead Kennedys - Viva Las Vegas (from Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables)
Simple Minds - I Travel (from Empires and Dance)
Gary Numan - Remind Me To Smile (from Telekon)
David Bowie - Up The Hill Backwards (from Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps))
Robert Palmer - I Dream Of Wires (a Gary Numan cover from Clues)
The Comsat Angels - Total War (from Waiting for a Miracle)
John Cougar - Ain't Even Done With The Night (from Nothin' Matters and What If It Did)

Skids - Circus Games (from The Absolute Game)
XTC - Sgt. Rock (Is Going To Help Me) (from Black Sea)
Madness - Baggy Trousers (from Absolutely)
Kool & The Gang - Celebration (from Celebrate!)

And from September 1985:

Kate Bush - Hounds Of Love (from Hounds of Love)
The Thompson Twins - Lay Your Hands On Me (from Here's to Future Days)
Tom Waits - Midtown [Instrumental] (from Rain Dogs)

The Waterboys - The Whole Of The Moon (from This Is the Sea)
Roger Daltrey - After the Fire (from Under a Raging Moon)
Kiss - Tears Are Falling (from Asylum)
The Fall - Couldn't Get Ahead (from This Nation's Saving Grace)
Hüsker Dü - Green Eyes (from Flip Your Wig)
Black Flag - Screw The Law (from The Process of Weeding Out)
10,000 Maniacs - Scorpio Rising (from The Wishing Chair)
Starship - Sara (from Knee Deep in the Hoopla)

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